Rock has died a thousand deaths over the years, but guess what? Rock is back. Rock with a message in the shape of Scottish ”powerduo” Deux Furieuses. Their debut album ”Tracks of wire” is an alarming report from the second class citizens of this world. Namely those who don’t have a dick.

Also involved is PJ Harvey associate Rob Ellis and the production is tight and conpressed yet strangely dynamic. Drummer Vas is all over the place with polyrhythmic flourishes and massive attacks. Guitarist Ros is more sparse on her instrument but the vocals equals a musical dentist drill, nasty but necesarry.
It’s not all drums and guitar either. Little details show with repeated listening. Bits of piano, xylophone and the kind of laconic backing choirs that the aforementioned PJ Harvey make good use of. Such is the case in ”Dream for change”. Simple and catchy, it should be the Furieuses next single in my humble opinion.
But the album’s centerpiece is ”Are we sexy enough”. A mourning dystopia of a song, closely related to ”Without you I’m nothing” by Placebo it stops the world for a minute when you loose yourself in the bleak landscape that is painted in your ears.
The album ends on a mysterious note, but play it again, Sam! I hope to see the band live soon since there is a suspicion it might sound even better in a concert setting. If you’re into indie rock, politics, poetry and life in general, get this and play it to death. It may be uneasy listning at first but it’s well worth a spin. You will be richly rewarded.

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